Welcome to York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust

Our vision is to reduce reoffending by providing effective and efficient probation services which meet local needs.

York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust is a criminal justice agency, responsible for protecting the public in York and North Yorkshire by punishing and rehabilitating offenders. Across the county we are working to reduce crime and to help build safer communities.

We are one of 35 probation trusts in England and Wales that makes up the full range of effective probation services. The Ministry of Justice has an overall responsibility for the probation services and is also responsible for courts, prisons and constitutional affairs.

We are responsible for the delivery of reports about offenders to the courts and the supervision of offenders in the community. We also deliver programmes and interventions to rehabilitate offenders and reduce the chance of them committing crime in the future.

Our aims are:

  • protecting the public
  • reducing reoffending
  • the proper punishment of offenders in the community
  • ensuring offenders are awareness of the effects of crime on their victim and the public
  • rehabilitation of offenders

As a critical player in the Criminal Justice System we work alongside other criminal justice agencies to achieve our aims: North Yorkshire Police, Prison Service, the Courts, Crown Prosecution Service, and many other partner agencies throughout York and North Yorkshire.

The Probation Service has become the first ever public sector organisation to be awarded the British Quality Foundation’s Gold Medal for Excellence.

Probation and Prisons Minister Crispin Blunt received the award on behalf of the Probation Service at a ceremony attended by Princess Anne on Thursday evening (Oct 13).
The BQF Gold Medal for Excellence is awarded every year to an organisation which stands out as an example of excellence to others and demonstrates continued commitment to sustained improvement over a number of years.
This year five probation trusts – Humberside, Devon & Cornwall, Leicestershire and Rutland, Merseyside and Surrey & Sussex – have received the top 5 star awards in the BQF excellence scheme.
Crispin Blunt, Prisons and Probation Minister, said:
“This prestigious award recognises the professionalism of probation staff and the excellence of their work. This very public recognition of not just what they do but, perhaps more importantly, how well they do it, will be a source of pride for probation staff.”
Michael Spurr, Chief Executive Officer of NOMS said:
“Probation should be really proud to have received such a prestigious award which is recognition of excellent work by staff.”
Colin Allars, NOMS director of Probation and Contracted Services, who attended the ceremony with the chief executives of the five star trusts and Kate Knight, Probation Champion of the Year 2011, said:
“This award is for everyone who works in the probation service. Across all grades and roles, probation staff can be counted on for their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.”
Previous winners include Ricoh UK Products, Siemens UK and TNT Express.

How to cope with Sex addiction on probation ?

Corrie Davidson has been working in the addictions field in Cape Town since 1982 having completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work at UCT in Cape Town. Corrie was also the first South African to qualify as a Certified Sex Addictions Therapist (CSAT). Corrie facilitates the sex addiction treatment programme at Ixande, an extremely well established rehabilitation centre in Cape Town, South Africa, that caters for clients that suffer from sex addiction, gambling addiction and many other process addictions. Corrie was privileged to have trained under Dr Patrick Carnes in the USA. Dr Carnes has more than 30 years’ experience in the treatment of sex addiction and was recently honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health. Patrick Carnes is also the founder of IITAP, the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, and the author of several bestselling books on the topic of sex addiction and the treatment of sex addiction. For people who are on probation, having any form of addiction can be a huge hinderance. Many of those that come through our doors do suffer from one addiction or another. Sex addiction is not uncommon. For somebody on probation to be arrested with a prostitute would result in their probation terms being cut short and they could find themselves back in jail, It is imperative that those on probation that do show these tendencies, get honest and face them via treatment or a twelve step program.

Sex addiction is a very real and debilitating form of addiction that in several cases can be traced back to childhood abuse or trauma. There is absolutely nothing glamorous about sex addiction. Like other process addictions, it is progressive and compulsive. The sex addict will continue a cycle of repeating the same behaviours that often result in extreme feelings of guilt and shame. These behaviours are compulsive and beyond the control of the sex addict unless they are treated for it. A sex addict will continue to engage in extra marital affairs, compulsive and obsessive viewing of pornography, masturbation and prostitution, regardless of the negative consequences these actions have on their personal lives and relationships with others.

The sex addiction treatment programme at Ixande is South Africa’s first dedicated in-patient sex addiction facility. The programme offered by Ixande utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, and the spiritual and family aspects of sex addiction treatment. Ixande offers a dedicated 24 hour nursing staff, full accommodation and meals in a nurturing and therapeutic setting. Ixande also encourages integration into the twelve step based sex addiction fellowships, SLAA and SAA, for maintaining recovery in sex addiction and sharing in the experiences and strength of other recovering sex addicts.

Of all the sex addiction rehabilitation centres in Cape Town, Ixande has established itself the best in providing quality and affordable treatment for clients from South Africa , UK, Holland and several other countries. The word “Ixande” is translated into “house of many corners”. For those seeking reprieve from the devastation that is caused by drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction and sex addiction, “The house of many corners” is the perfect choice. Ixande is described in the many testimonials on it’s website as a “home away from home”. Clients suffering from sex addiction are given special attention by Corrie Davidson during their stay at Ixande, as well as being provided with the opportunity to attend the twelve step meetings in the area that focus on sex addiction.