Alcohol free Accommodation for those that need it

South Africa is an extremely popular destination for British tourists and travelers and is home to a large British expat community. Many of those that are either on probation or have successfully completed their probation period are people who have previously suffered from alcoholism or some form of drug addiction. Substance abuse and crime go hand in hand and many of those on probation are also enrolled in addiction recovery programs. We have had some very good reports from our expat community about Scotswood Sober House Cape Town. Scotswood is a sober living house in Cape Town that offers people who are looking for accommodation in a beautiful and luxurious environment, whilst being safeguarded from the temptation to consume alcohol or engage in any form substance abuse. The demand for this form of accommodation is actually much higher than what one would think it is and it is an extremely valuable option for those that are on probation and have also previously struggled with alcohol or substance abuse. The Scotswood sober living house in Cape Town was recommended to us by one our old members that has since emigrated to South Africa and now resides in the picturesque city of Cape Town. William who was with us several years ago has managed to turn his life around completely and now manages a successful bed and breakfast in Cape Town with his family. When William first came to us in 2009, his life was in ruins, an alcoholic on probation for an offense he has no memory of committing.

William has remained in contact with us and on occasion we have referred people traveling to Cape Town for business or vacation to his Bed and Breakfast. Being a recovering alcoholic himself, William realized through chatting to some of his guests how they struggled in being away from their support at home to remain committed to their sobriety and not get caught up in the festive cape Town lifestyle. The Scotswood Sober Living House is a well managed establishment that caters for the needs of those looking for a safe, sober, alcohol and substance free environment to stay in Cape Town. Scotswood provides cooked dinners from Sunday through to Friday and is otherwise self catering. The property is absolutely stunning with beautiful gardens and swimming pool. For those in need there is even access to counselling at Scotswood. Besides a glowing recommendation from one of our own members the establishment has some great reviews and testimonials from previous residents and customers on their website.

Anybody looking for further information or who would like to contact William directly can please contact us directly through our contact page and we will gladly put you in touch with him.