Welcome to York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust

Our vision is to reduce reoffending by providing effective and efficient probation services which meet local needs.

York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust is a criminal justice agency, responsible for protecting the public in York and North Yorkshire by punishing and rehabilitating offenders. Across the county we are working to reduce crime and to help build safer communities.

We are one of 35 probation trusts in England and Wales that makes up the full range of effective probation services. The Ministry of Justice has an overall responsibility for the probation services and is also responsible for courts, prisons and constitutional affairs.

We are responsible for the delivery of reports about offenders to the courts and the supervision of offenders in the community. We also deliver programmes and interventions to rehabilitate offenders and reduce the chance of them committing crime in the future.

Our aims are:

  • protecting the public
  • reducing reoffending
  • the proper punishment of offenders in the community
  • ensuring offenders are awareness of the effects of crime on their victim and the public
  • rehabilitation of offenders

As a critical player in the Criminal Justice System we work alongside other criminal justice agencies to achieve our aims: North Yorkshire Police, Prison Service, the Courts, Crown Prosecution Service, and many other partner agencies throughout York and North Yorkshire.

The Probation Service has become the first ever public sector organisation to be awarded the British Quality Foundation’s Gold Medal for Excellence.

Probation and Prisons Minister Crispin Blunt received the award on behalf of the Probation Service at a ceremony attended by Princess Anne on Thursday evening (Oct 13).
The BQF Gold Medal for Excellence is awarded every year to an organisation which stands out as an example of excellence to others and demonstrates continued commitment to sustained improvement over a number of years.
This year five probation trusts – Humberside, Devon & Cornwall, Leicestershire and Rutland, Merseyside and Surrey & Sussex – have received the top 5 star awards in the BQF excellence scheme.
Crispin Blunt, Prisons and Probation Minister, said:
“This prestigious award recognises the professionalism of probation staff and the excellence of their work. This very public recognition of not just what they do but, perhaps more importantly, how well they do it, will be a source of pride for probation staff.”
Michael Spurr, Chief Executive Officer of NOMS said:
“Probation should be really proud to have received such a prestigious award which is recognition of excellent work by staff.”
Colin Allars, NOMS director of Probation and Contracted Services, who attended the ceremony with the chief executives of the five star trusts and Kate Knight, Probation Champion of the Year 2011, said:
“This award is for everyone who works in the probation service. Across all grades and roles, probation staff can be counted on for their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.”
Previous winners include Ricoh UK Products, Siemens UK and TNT Express.

Horse Riding as Therapeutic form of Recovery

Recovery is an important part of reintegrating with society whilst on probation. Working with animals is often recommended as a therapeutic means of regaining self confidence and lowering anxiety levels after any traumatic experience and many people have shared their experiences with us either whilst on probation or after completing the probation period of time. Riding along the coast on horseback is a thrilling experience and can be enjoyed by both young and old. Feel the salt spray in your face, smell the ocean and have a front row seat to spectacular views. Most of the rides are guided and can even involve a romantic picnic at the end for couples. Enjoy a slow walk or work up to an invigorating gallop. The horses are trained to be ridden by riders of various levels. For the less experienced rider, mild tempered horses are available to provide a more pleasant ride.

Here are a few places you can ride horses, these can be found in different locations off the South African coast.

Sleepy Hollow Horse Riding

Ride along 8km of pristine beach in Noordhoek, while riding keep a look out for whales and dolphins in the ocean. Experience Cape Town beaches like never before.


Accommodation in Noordhoek: Enjoy the 4 star accommodations at De Noordhoek Hotel located in the Noordhoek Village. You can also enjoy the best sushi in town at the hotels own Village Sushi restaurant. The Noorhoek village itself provides a variety of shops to visit and things to do. Go for a relaxing spa treatment at, Caroline’s Health and beauty or enjoy some handmade ice cream at Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream. One of the flavours provided:  ‘Rocky Road’ ice cream, double dark chocolate with almonds and marshmallow pieces drizzled with caramel sauce. Sounds yummy, I want one of those! For advanced bookings and great discounts on a horse riding safari in Cape Town we recommend trying Ashanti Travel, they are fantastic and offer superb service.


Wild Coast Horseback adventures, Eastern Cape

Experience the Wild Coast with an adventure on horseback. Travel to the Kei Mouth Country club where the excitement begins. You can either enjoy a 1-4 hour ride or take it further by going on one of their riding holidays that can last up to a week. The therapeutic value of engaging with horses is really remarkable.


Accommodation: Kei Mouth Guest Lodge is the place to go when booking your horse riding adventure. Found in a tranquil setting, the Lodge offers a comfortable stay and is within walking distance from the beach, some restaurants and the supermarket.


Heaven and Earth Trails, Overberg

The Heaven and Earth Trails is found close to Hermanus on the Karweyderskraal Farm. They offer a relaxed and slow ride for those who feel more comfortable with a leisurely pace. On the other side they offer a more adrenaline pumping ride on one of their many trails. Enjoy the beautiful views and as a bonus offer wine tasting on some the local wine estates. If you are looking for an area with a wide variety of adventure tours, the Overberg area is a must !

Accommodation: The Heaven and Earth Trails offers accommodation and provide a comfortable cottage stay. The cottage looks very welcoming with a queen size bed in the main room with an en-suite bathroom as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Other activities in the area include mountain biking, hiking trails and swimming in the dam that is walking distance from the cottage.

Horseback beach riding sounds exciting, but is it safe? Here are a few tips to keep your ride fun and everybody happy.

  • Wear your helmet. You might want to ride with the wind whipping through your hair, but keep safe by wearing your helmet. Even a fall onto sand can be dangerous.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, preferably some long pants you don’t mind getting dirty. I know you are going to the beach, but riding in shorts might be a bit uncomfortable. The saddle or equipment may rub or chafe your exposed skin causing irritation.
  • Wearing a shoe with a heel will help your foot from slipping out of the stirrup, so think a little before choosing some sandals to ride. Many places include the use of boots and hats to wear during the ride.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, there are plenty of beautiful locations in South Africa you can pick to enjoy your beach horseback ride.



How to cope with Sex addiction on probation ?

Corrie Davidson has been working in the addictions field in Cape Town since 1982 having completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work at UCT in Cape Town. Corrie was also the first South African to qualify as a Certified Sex Addictions Therapist (CSAT). Corrie facilitates the sex addiction treatment programme at Ixande, an extremely well established rehabilitation centre in Cape Town, South Africa, that caters for clients that suffer from sex addiction, gambling addiction and many other process addictions. Corrie was privileged to have trained under Dr Patrick Carnes in the USA. Dr Carnes has more than 30 years’ experience in the treatment of sex addiction and was recently honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health. Patrick Carnes is also the founder of IITAP, the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, and the author of several bestselling books on the topic of sex addiction and the treatment of sex addiction. For people who are on probation, having any form of addiction can be a huge hinderance. Many of those that come through our doors do suffer from one addiction or another. Sex addiction is not uncommon. For somebody on probation to be arrested with a prostitute would result in their probation terms being cut short and they could find themselves back in jail, It is imperative that those on probation that do show these tendencies, get honest and face them via treatment or a twelve step program.

Sex addiction is a very real and debilitating form of addiction that in several cases can be traced back to childhood abuse or trauma. There is absolutely nothing glamorous about sex addiction. Like other process addictions, it is progressive and compulsive. The sex addict will continue a cycle of repeating the same behaviours that often result in extreme feelings of guilt and shame. These behaviours are compulsive and beyond the control of the sex addict unless they are treated for it. A sex addict will continue to engage in extra marital affairs, compulsive and obsessive viewing of pornography, masturbation and prostitution, regardless of the negative consequences these actions have on their personal lives and relationships with others.

The sex addiction treatment programme at Ixande is South Africa’s first dedicated in-patient sex addiction facility. The programme offered by Ixande utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, and the spiritual and family aspects of sex addiction treatment. Ixande offers a dedicated 24 hour nursing staff, full accommodation and meals in a nurturing and therapeutic setting. Ixande also encourages integration into the twelve step based sex addiction fellowships, SLAA and SAA, for maintaining recovery in sex addiction and sharing in the experiences and strength of other recovering sex addicts.

Of all the sex addiction rehabilitation centres in Cape Town, Ixande has established itself the best in providing quality and affordable treatment for clients from South Africa , UK, Holland and several other countries. The word “Ixande” is translated into “house of many corners”. For those seeking reprieve from the devastation that is caused by drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction and sex addiction, “The house of many corners” is the perfect choice. Ixande is described in the many testimonials on it’s website as a “home away from home”. Clients suffering from sex addiction are given special attention by Corrie Davidson during their stay at Ixande, as well as being provided with the opportunity to attend the twelve step meetings in the area that focus on sex addiction.

Alcohol free Accommodation for those that need it

South Africa is an extremely popular destination for British tourists and travelers and is home to a large British expat community. Many of those that are either on probation or have successfully completed their probation period are people who have previously suffered from alcoholism or some form of drug addiction. Substance abuse and crime go hand in hand and many of those on probation are also enrolled in addiction recovery programs. We have had some very good reports from our expat community about Scotswood Sober House Cape Town. Scotswood is a sober living house in Cape Town that offers people who are looking for accommodation in a beautiful and luxurious environment, whilst being safeguarded from the temptation to consume alcohol or engage in any form substance abuse. The demand for this form of accommodation is actually much higher than what one would think it is and it is an extremely valuable option for those that are on probation and have also previously struggled with alcohol or substance abuse. The Scotswood sober living house in Cape Town was recommended to us by one our old members that has since emigrated to South Africa and now resides in the picturesque city of Cape Town. William who was with us several years ago has managed to turn his life around completely and now manages a successful bed and breakfast in Cape Town with his family. When William first came to us in 2009, his life was in ruins, an alcoholic on probation for an offense he has no memory of committing.

William has remained in contact with us and on occasion we have referred people traveling to Cape Town for business or vacation to his Bed and Breakfast. Being a recovering alcoholic himself, William realized through chatting to some of his guests how they struggled in being away from their support at home to remain committed to their sobriety and not get caught up in the festive cape Town lifestyle. The Scotswood Sober Living House is a well managed establishment that caters for the needs of those looking for a safe, sober, alcohol and substance free environment to stay in Cape Town. Scotswood provides cooked dinners from Sunday through to Friday and is otherwise self catering. The property is absolutely stunning with beautiful gardens and swimming pool. For those in need there is even access to counselling at Scotswood. Besides a glowing recommendation from one of our own members the establishment has some great reviews and testimonials from previous residents and customers on their website.

Anybody looking for further information or who would like to contact William directly can please contact us directly through our contact page and we will gladly put you in touch with him.

Report on Article : Time to tackle crime head on

The “Community action against crime: Innovation fund” encourages creative new approaches to tackling crime. The fund is worth £5 million in England in 2011/12, with a further £5 million set aside for 2012/13. Applications are being welcomed from voluntary and community groups in North Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire in an effort to see the region take full advantage of the funding available.

The scheme is funded by the Home Office and will be delivered by the Community Development Foundation (CDF).

It is hoped that the scheme will encourage effective community partnerships to get everybody working together to develop and deliver innovative approaches to tackle the local crime issues that really matter to them.

Voluntary and community groups can apply for funding of between £1,000 and £50,000 for innovative projects that will deliver lasting benefits in tackling local crime issues, with a particular focus on antisocial behaviour, drug/alcohol related crime, violence, youth crime and reducing re-offending.

Examples of the type of innovative projects that could qualify for funding include a community art programme created in partnership to tackle graffiti, or a drama group set up to reduce youth crime by involving young people in the community in a creative way.

The Fund is open to applications from now until 1st December 2011 via CDF. Applications from grassroots community activists who are not traditional recipients of government grants are particularly encouraged.

Clapham-based charity Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) has been asked to publicise the funding in the local area, and also to form a cross-regional panel which will assess all the applications received for the areas of North Yorkshire and East Riding.

To find out more about eligibility and the online application process please contact CDF on 02078 331772 (choosing option 3) or email crime.innovation@cdf.org.uk. Alternatively visit http://www.cdf.org.uk/web/guest/crime-innovation-fund for more information.

Psychological help when away from home

As a person who has made mistakes in their past it can be difficult to move on. While we do have various support groups at home in the UK to assist these past offenders with getting on with their lives, making amends and becoming responsible and productive members of society, it can be very difficult for those that are required by their employers to move away even temporarily from the support structure that they may have become accustomed to. Some past offenders may also have difficulties with alcoholism or substance abuse and moving away from their local meetings and support groups can spell grave danger for them. At YNY we try to do our very best to provide as much support in rehabilitating past offenders as is possible for us. This includes weekly groups, helping candidates find employment and providing support and counselling where possible. As time passes some of the people we deal with find employment with companies that require them to work outside of Great Britain. It may be working construction in Dubai, or a maintenance contract in Greece or some even find themselves employed on the oil and diamond rigs off the coast of South Africa. Our counsellors often worry about these people with whom they’ve developed relationships with over the time spent in our rehabilitation programme. It’s not uncommon for counsellors to develop an attachment to their patient or patients as they become invested in their well being. One of our counsellors recently struggled with this after a client she had helped rehabilitate on reintegrate back into society over a period of two years, took on a job that took him to work in South Africa. The job was well paid, but required extended periods of time away from home, support and loved ones. I’ll refer to the client as John for the sake of ease. John was excited about the opportunity of going to work on an off shore rig near Cape Town in South Africa. The job paid five times what he was currently earning locally and it would mean he would be able to afford a great many things he wanted for his family. John had some concerns about leaving his support structure at YNY but felt he was ready and strong enough to make the move.

A little after a month of being on the rig, John started to struggle. He was missing his family and beginning to become severely depressed. John was also a recovering alcoholic and with the depression came the temptation to escape through returning to drinking. Fortunately Oil rigs are alcohol free zones so he was safe while on the rig still but was due for shore leave soon. John reached out to his counsellor here at YNY via email and expressed how he was feeling, how he was struggling and how for the first time in two years, the though of drinking alcohol seemed like a good decision. Margaret, John’s counsellor here at YNY urged him to remain calm and explained that what he was experiencing was quite normal for somebody in his position. After doing some research, Margaret was referred to Dr Maryke Woolf, a psychologist in Newlands Cape Town. After some correspondence via email and Skype, Margaret was able to fill Maryke in on John’s history and his current situation, setting an appointment for him to meet with her the day he went ashore. John was a little hesitant after hearing from Margaret that he was expected to meet with Dr Woolf only a few hours after returning to shore, however, trusting in his YNY counsellor’s experience, he agreed and went to the appointment that was scheduled.

John spent an hour in consultation with Maryke for his first appointment. When he arrived back at his quarters on the rig, he sent Margaret this email :

“Dear Margaret,

I just want to thank you so much for your help. Even away from home, you are still supporting me through my difficult times. I’ll be honest, if you had not made that appointment for me to meet with Dr Woolf the day I returned to shore, I would have been in a pub for certain. 100% guaranteed, I had already given up hope and made the decision to drink my worries away. Being alone and away from home, I was spending way too much time in my head and some of the nonsense I was telling myself was starting to make sense to me. Meeting with Dr Woolf was a critical point for me in my recovery progress. I was at a crossroads and without your assistance, I would have chosen the wrong path. I baffles me still just how quickly things can go south. Thank you for arranging the appointment and filling her in on my past and my history. When we met, she was completely up to date with my recovery progress and seemed to know me better than I know myself. Just spending time with a compassionate listener, someone who could listen and at times point out inconsistencies in my thinking, was enough. Dr Woolf was fantastic, she reassured me of my own ability to heal and overcome obstacles, not to get completely overwhelmed by feelings of worthlessness. I left her psychologist practice in Newlands feeling upbeat and shocked at just how close I had come to resorting to drinking again. I’m not sure how you managed to find Dr Woolf, but she was perfect for me and I have made an appointment already to see her the very next day I return to shore.

Once again, thank you so much for everything you have done vor me.


John “

It’s stories like this that make our work here at YNY so rewarding. Knowing that even when those we have built up relationships with are away in a foreign land, we can still help the. For anyone who is in Cape Town and is looking for a psychologist in Newlands, Maryke Woolf would be a good choice based on the fantastic report given to us by John. We will continue to support those we believe in and are helping to rehabilitate themselves no matter where they are. xx